Partagás El Libro

An unparalleled look at the history of an icon, Partagás El Libro is a culmination of efforts from many of the world’s leading experts on the Cuban cigar and Cuban history.

Over 200 pages of information and never before published images from the National Archives of Cuba, the archives of Partagás, the Tobacco Museum in Havana and private and public collections around the world. A must have for anyone interested in cigars and Cuba of the past.

• Learn about Jaime Partagás’ conviction for selling counterfeit cigars.

• See rare and unusual packaging and advertising from throughout the ages.

• Learn about the cigar industry in the 19th century Havana.

Proceeds from the book will generate a donation directly to the Tobacco Museum in Havana to aid in their mission to research, collect and exhibit information on the best tobacco in the world.

Una mirada sin precedentes a la historia de un ícono, Partagás El Libro es una culminación de los esfuerzos de muchos de los principales expertos del mundo de los habanos y la historia de Cuba.

Sobre 200 páginas de información e imágenes nunca antes publicadas del Archivo Nacional de Cuba, los archivos de Partagás, el Museo del Tabaco en La Habana, así como de colecciones públicas y privadas de todo el mundo. Un material que debe tener cualquier persona interesada en los puros y la Cuba del pasado.

• Aprenda sobre la condena de Jaime Partagás por la venta de cigarros falsificados.

• Vea raros e inusuales empaques y anuncios de todas las épocas.

• Aprenda sobre la industria de los puros de La Habana del siglo 19.

Los fondos recaudados con este libro generarán una donación directamente al Museo del Tabaco en La Habana a fin de colaborar con su misión de investigar, recolectar y exhibir información acerca del mejor tabaco del mundo.

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    Dear Amir,

    What is the status of the delivery of this book? When last I contacted you, I was told it would be delivered in November. It’s now December (or 7 months after I’ve paid in full for it). As your website has NO information concerning completion, and as your lack of any updates to paid customers continues, my patience is beginning to wear thin…

    Michael Kitt

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    Any updates on the shipping? It’s now April…

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    I cannot pre order this book. When I go to the payment page it is blank. How can I preorder this book?

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